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jason's complaint against EE

jason whitbread


still no fibre service, 18 months of problems got worse

Complaint against EE

I am wrirting this email because i feel i am getting nowhere with the tech level one or 2 teams, for 6 weeks now i have had problems with my internet fibre broadband, there has been no service whatsoever in this time, B.T claim that to date they have replaced the following, Underground cabling from exhange to cabinet, wiring from cabinet to house, wiring in house, still no service, then they calimed it was a port issue and the port we were connected to was damaged, then it was suggested it was the router, you sent us another one, on the 5th of october they claimed the needed a specialist engineer to call out, he came and advised us that is was a simple case of undercapacity in the cabinet, apparantly new houses that were built were given the fibre ports and our line had been disconneted by someone on the engineering team and there are no new ports to connect us to availible, then on the 7th october they claimed they need a lans engineer out and the ert date was the 12th october, that date came and passed a new date of the 16th was given that date has come and past, i rung this morning for further updates and got told to wait until b.t update the system and outbound team will call me, As a live care customer i rely on the telephone servfice being active the internet is used for video/audio monitoring of my emergency call alarm system without it i have no means of raising my medical assistance should i need it, you are charging me for a service that i am not recieving, ever since we switched to fibre we have had nothing but problems, we are currently on our 4th router supplied by yourselves due to isses when it rains and the service is lost, I have no options left availible to me other than to switch back to an adsl service and am told you cant even make that happen because i am contracted till the 4th of november, i know the repairs are beyone control but given that bt owns e.e i would have thought that you have a department who could actualy get resolution to this matter, whome do i file charges against if i have a fall or need medical assistance and it cant be raised, whom has the power to change my contract from fibre back to adsl and restore at least some sort of service as i feel bt will just keep passing the buck and coming up with excuses until they can be bothered to invest in a rural areas infrastructure yours Jason Whitbread

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