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Gina's complaint against EE

Gina Moore


You owe me £900 but have stated you will only refund me £450

Complaint against EE

I received a letter regarding my phone being switched from T Mobile to EE. I was a bit confused as I have been with EE for several years. On closer inspection it was not my phone number. I rang and found out it was for a phone I had years ago and had been paying £12+ all the time, despite having had various phones and upgrades over the years. The operator told me that I had been charged £900! I stated I wanted it back as it was not my fault and I hadn’t noticed it because it had been coming out of the joint account rather than my personal one. I was told that ‘managemant’ Would only pay half ie £450. I told him I would not accept this and wanted the whole lot refunded as it is a considerable amount of money. He replied that this was their only offer. I told him I would seek legal advice on the matter. Since this I have found that other people have had similar experiences and when they enlisted the help of consumer rights experts, were given a full refund. Therefore I want all my money refunded or I will be applying to the courts.

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