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Grant's complaint against Lycamobile

Grant Visser


Advertised service not delivered and bad customer service response

Complaint against Lycamobile

I have been a Pay As You Go customer of Lycamobile in the Netherlands for 6 months. In wanting to visit the UK I took advantage of their advertised offer of FREE roaming in the UK. This required that I load one of their talk and sms packages so I chose the 'Talk and SMS 10' package as per and so that I could have data while roaming I added the 'Home Data S1' add-on. These 2 packages last for 30 days and expire this coming week the 12th November 2015. A couple of days after activating these 2 bundles I traveled to the UK and the voice/sms roaming worked perfectly. I did have an issue with the data roaming but this was resolved within 24 hours by one of their technical support guys. All worked perfectly for the 13 days I was in the UK. I then flew back to NL for a couple of days and then back again to the UK. From my arrival in the UK (31/10/2015) I have had no service whatsoever. I have spoken to customer services who apparently were going to escalate the problem, I have sent emails to customer services with no reply and I also sent an email to [email protected] only to be told a number of days later that the services I added are not for roaming and can only be used in the Netherlands. I replied to this 2 days ago explaining that this is incorrect and asking that they correct the problem ASAP to which I have had no reply.

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Lycamobile failed to resolve this complaint

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Lycamobile Support | | VERIFIED

Hi Grant, I’m really sorry to hear you were not able to use your Lycamobile. We will be able to help you to activate the correct add-on to use the service in the UK. Please feel free to contact us tweeting @Lycamobile. We are here to help.

Grant Visser | | VERIFIED

I give up. I have just had yet another email from [email protected], again saying that I am using the wrong bundles and that I must TOP-UP and then use the correct bundles. As the bundles I have expire tomorrow I am going to close this issue and move on, never to use Lycamobile again in my life. [email protected] ... "correct add-on"??? Are you mad or just stupid? Did I not already say that the add-on's I loaded WORKED PERFECTLY for my roaming in the UK for the first 2 weeks????

Grant Visser | | VERIFIED

If everything worked fine for the first 2 weeks then HOW ON EARTH does this issue become one of ME using the WRONG BUNDLES???

Grant Visser | | VERIFIED

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