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Shama's complaint against Lycamobile

Shama Parveen


[LAPSED] My package never got activated even after paying 10 euro online

Complaint against Lycamobile

I purchased SIM card online for 9.99 euro which promised me to give certain data and calling minutes on 9th March 2019,I used the password given by them to activate my package but it didn't work, then I called customer service​,they filed complain (ref num-71743254) on 16th March 2019 ,they asked me to wait for 48 hrs, I did that I called them up on 24th March 2019. Customer service told me to wait for 24 hrs again, again I did the same and called them back on 26th March. This time customer service agent again asked me to wait for 24hrs. I asked them to refund my money,she said that's not possible. There is nothing they can do I have to again wait for another 24hrs. I asked her to transfer my call to supervisor and she hung up on me. My issue still unresolved.

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Lapsed. Shama has not responded in 90 days

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