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Angela's complaint against Lycamobile

Angela Cao


[LAPSED] Undelivered Sim Card, No Reponse at all.

Complaint against Lycamobile

Over a week ago, I ordered a nano-sim card containing Lycamobile's 'XS Unlimited Plan' which costed $24.90. Strangely, the nano-sim has not been delivered even after the company's promised under 5 business days delivery. Obviously as a consumer who has given my money to this company, I tried to contact them. Firstly I used their website form which I filled out to contact them. Waited 2 days, and received no reply, just an automatic 'you have been acknowledged' email from the other side of the world. Then, I submitted this form again twice, and no answer. So after, I used their 'complaints email' which Lycamobile also tried to resolve under 5 days. I have emailed them around 4 times, and response. Then, a bit suspicious of their service, I emailed them again using a email from their terms and conditions page and is now waiting a response. Definitely not happy with the customer service. I've emailed them over 8 times, and I have no gotten a single response. Sounds very suspicious, almost similar to a scam with their attractively low prices... I demand my nano sim to be delivered.

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Lapsed. Angela has not responded in 90 days

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Lycamobile Support | | VERIFIED

Hi Angela, please accept our apologies for this experience. We will need to check your order to understand what happened. Would you be able to message us your order number on our Facebook page or tweeting @Lycamobile?
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