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Kerry's complaint against IMImobile

Kerry Nickless


Fraudulently taken money from my bank account

Complaint against IMImobile

I have been receiving texts for a while now and as it isn't anything that I have subscribed to I have ignored them. It now transpires, after finding out my bank account is at nil today that I have been charged an extortionate amount of money over the last few months (not weeks). Yes, I know I should have checked my bank account but with 3 small children and a home to run that is easier said than done. I have no money in my account to buy food for my children and after contacting my phone provider they have informed me that this had been going on for a while and possibly runs into hundreds of pounds - £4.50 per text that I didn't ask to receive. This is absolutely disgusting, how can any company be allowed to get away with this. IMIMobile was the name I was given by my phone provide, who didn't seem that interested in helping me in any way, shape or form, but if they are getting a cut, why doesn't this surprise me. I won't be leaving it here and will be seeking a full refund of all monies that have been illegally taken from my bank account. How are you allowed to do this? Absolutely appalled.

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