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Samantha's complaint against O2

Samantha Woods


Awful Insurance policy

Complaint against O2

I think O2 insurance is a complete waste of money compared to other phone company's I have been with. My phone recently smashed so I rang up to put in a claim. They told me it would cost £60 excess and that my phone would need to be sent off for up to 7 days with no replacement provided. If I wanted a temporary replacement phone then I would need to go to my local O2 shop and place a £20 deposit for a temp phone. When I was with orange mobile (EE) I never had any issues with replacing a broken, damaged or stolen phone. I would call up and pay £50 to a have new phone sent out the next day and swapped for the broken phone. There was an occasion when orange mobile sent me a new phone on Christmas Day!! To me that is a fantastic service for what you pay. I am paying O2 more money and having to go through more hassle just to get a new phone. Why should I have to travel out and get a temporary replacement phone? Why can't they deliver one when picking up the broken one? And why not just replace the obviously broken phone. Isn't that what insurance is for? After this claim I am cancelling my insurance with O2 and once my contract is up I will be leaving O2 and NEVER recommending it to anyone else. I have also tried to place an official complaint but no manager was "available" How convenient.

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