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Anmol's complaint against O2

Anmol Chibber


Full Deal was not disclosed to me so I have missed out on it.

Complaint against O2

I pre-ordered a phone from O2 last week (Holborn store). As part of the incentive to pre-order, O2 were offering free headphones as well as a VR headset for half price. At the time of ordering neither of these were made aware to me, it was only when I saw a poster in store and asked about the headphones that the sales assistant gave the voucher for them. There was no notice about the headset and so I wasn't aware of it. Yesterday I was on their website and saw that a 50% off offer on the headset was also available for the headset but this wasn't communicated to me at the time of purchase. I went to the store this morning to ask why I wasn't made aware of the headset offer and the manager said that as they were out of stock they didn't ask me if I was interested in it. I replied that had I known that was part of the offer, I would have gone to an alternative store where the headset was available. Now the offer has been pulled they are refusing to honor the 50% off deal. When I asked why I wasn't made aware of the possibility of getting the headset for 50% less they said it was my duty to ask. My retort is that if I am unaware of the offer, how would I know to ask. I feel they have sold me the phone without giving me the full information and allowing me to make an informed decision. If I had known that the headset was part of the deal I would have happily gone to an alternative store to make the purchase. It's bad enough that they are not honoring the deal but to actually blame me rather than admitting some error on their part is unbelievable. I have been an O2 customer for over 10 years and this incident is simply not acceptable. It's not even like I'm asking for a freebie, I'm just asking them to honor the deal they had advertised on their website.

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