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Shona's complaint against O2

Shona simpson


Missold contract & non refund of money

Complaint against O2

I was missold a phone contract from an o2 shop, I was told that I would be paying £25 a month for my contract. . . . I was told that I had a 14 day cooling off period and could take the phone back at anytime and be refunded . . . I was happy with my deal, until I received a text message saying I owed o2 £72.10, from my previous contract, they had over lapped my previous contract. I had received a letter in the post telling me that my device was paid off but no bill telling of any outstanding charges. I phoned o2 to be told that the contract would be £48.50, I was told that I had been missold a contract. My paperwork said a completly different amount. I was told three amounts. I went back to the o2 shop I got the phone from, tried to get them to take the phone back, they refused, they told me to phone o2 and get a jiffy bag to go back to the company. I sent the phone back but they said they haven't received this, they had all along. . . I phoned them lots of times, stating in the phone calls that I wanted the contract cancelled, they told me it would as soon as they received the phone and I would get my money back. To this day I have not received my refund, can you help?

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