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MR N's complaint against O2



no mobile service yet o2 refuse to refund monies paid/ credit

Complaint against O2

Since Christmas 2015, the o2 mobile service has been very poor to no service making and receiving calls and texts impossible. For the past 10 days I have had no service at all and on contacting o2 they confirmed the transmitter has had maintenance issues and confirm it has been faulty for 5 months. I am on a pay and go contract costing me £10 per month for various allowances. When I asked for at least this months £10 plus the £8.49 credit I had built up to be repaid back onto my debit card they refused straight away say they don't refund due to money laundering ???? Am I a crook then ??? They only got paid the £10 monthly fee on the 5th May but although they confirmed the fault with no service have refused to refund monies. I have had such a poor service I had hoped they would refund without hesitation but no. I have had to purchase another simm card with another provider so I am able to stay in touch with my mental health team . I feel used and as o2 make millions each year, why do they treat customers who they have failed to provide the service being paid for, as criminals and insignificant little people with no worth or interest to them at all.

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