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Complaint against Orange

I have been an orange customer for 10 years now and have had the same SIM card that was given to me by a friend I no longer have contact with. I have contacted orange with issues before and because I am not the person named on the sim they are never able to deal with my issue but they also will not change the details from my friends to mine. I have rang up today and explained that I am receiving texts that are taking money and I've checked on the Internet and it's a scam, the Internet says to contact your network provider to put a ban on the texts which is exactly what I did today. The person I spoke to told me he knows it's a scam but he can't put a ban on the number which is absolutely ridiculous after admitting they know about the scam. I explained to him that orange are then part of the scam because only they can ban the messages but they are refusing to stop it happening and after I told him I was recording the phone call he said I was using profanities and put the phone down on me. This company is by far the worst customer services I've ever dealt with and although I am now going to change my network provider am not willing to leave it at this. I asked on the phone to speak to someone to make a complaint but the person on the other end of the phone wouldn't put me through to complain so I am now having to write this here. I want something done or I am going to take this further as you are part of the scam.

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