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Michael's complaint against Opera Telecom

Michael Needham


Unauthorized charge to my mobile phone.

Complaint against Opera Telecom

Opera Telecom via Voucher Me are charging me for SMS messages sent every 7 days which I have not authorized. The messages are sent in threes at £4.50 a time.I have been charged so far £22.62 but have put a stop to it and looking to recover the £22.62 but I don't hold much hope.

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Sana Laamouri | | VERIFIED

Hi, I have the exact same problem! Was charged £15 for some sort or messages serves I never received! How did you stop this pls pls help am loosing my mind. Never heard of this company and never receive any of their messages but it shows on Vodafone network that I did ! Pls help Sana

Michael Needham | | VERIFIED

Sana, I received a text message 888 33 no other information. To stop these charges you text STOP u/c to 888 33

Sana Laamouri | | VERIFIED

Thank you will give it a try :)
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