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Phil's complaint against Samsung

Phil McMurray


Another Broken TV that Samsung wont repair for FREE.

Complaint against Samsung

My Samsung TV makes a constant clicking sound when you turn it on. There is no picture or sound. I contacted Samsung who told me I would have to pay for the repair myself as the TV was manufactured in October 2011 but I only bought it midway through 2012 from Comet. This is the 2nd TV in as many months that this fault has occurred. I paid for it myself the first time at a cost of £80 but I am not paying for it again on another TV. This fault seems to happen just after 3 years (when the warranty runs out) as I have found out online through websites showing people's disconcern for Samsung. They never rang me back once, I had to do all the running around till eventually they told me that I would have to pay for the repair myself and that they couldn't help me. Terrible customer service and a fault which I will no doubt encounter again with my other TV's in the future.

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