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John's complaint against Samsung

John carlin


customer service is a complete joke!!!

Complaint against Samsung

about 8 months ago now had problems with interference on hd channels contacted samsung help centre wot a joke that is customer service is non existent!!!after numerous phone calls i was told a needed a new aerial ,new aerial cable numerous times tryed another tv when tv was supposedly away getting fixed my old tv worked fine WITH AERIAL I HAD no problems with picture?? tv comes back engineer says nothing wrong with tv must be my aerial signal ??so bk to samsung help centre to be told by an employee "wot do u want me to do about it"REALLY !!!was that not obvious wanted to watch tv without the picture being unwatchable.anyway got new aerial installed ,new aerial cable costing around £160 which i was told by my aerial guy would not make any difference tv was the problem !!guess wot he was right still had picture problems so went bk to richer sounds who i purchased tv from after long wait eventually got me a new SONY TV quess wot no picture problem wot so ever ???why was a told a needed a new aerial when my existing aerail was not the problem the samsung tv was the problem!!!why is samsung customer service so bad and unhelpful and rude basically don't no wot they're talking about ??have always bought samsung tv's but not anymore won't be buying anymore samsung product's will be buying SONY from now on SORT UR CUSTOMER SERVICE OUT SAMSUNG uv lost a customer!!!!!! if u could give no stars a would.

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