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Steven's complaint against Samsung

Steven Dunmore


LED screen fault

Complaint against Samsung

I purchased a Samsung LED tv from Argos in 2014, I have noticed a bruise going across the screen in the past few weeks. My problem is that my friend purchased his in 2013 last year his developed the fault after only just over 2 years now mine has the exact same fault in the exact same potion of the screen as his and after the exact same time frame. Samsung are denying any responsibility as it's after its warranty and they say that I should get in touch with Argos. Argos are saying that it's odd but Samsung have made it and I should get I touch with them. The engineer who came out said that LED tv's do have these screen faults, so why haven't these tv's been recalled. They are loads of people on line who have the same faults yet nothing is being done and it's wrong. Why don't they just go back to the less problematic LCD screens that don't have these faults. We spend a fortune on new tv's but these have screen faults so surly these tv's should be recalled until the problem is fixed and for Samsung go not accept responsibility really is poor.

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