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Nicola's complaint against Samsung

Nicola Ironside


Poor Service when repairing phone

Complaint against Samsung

I sent my mobile phone for repair and was told it would be back either repaired or replaced within 5-7 days. I had to phone and email a number of times. The support staff were unhelpful and rude. I was told a number of different things from it was with a courier and no longer samsungs issue to just deal with it as samsung are busy with note 7 repairs.I was given different dates of when my phone would be returned. It eventually arrived some 39 Days later. I asked to speak to a manager or complaints team several times and was told i couldnt, if i wanted to complain I would have to write a letter. I wrote a letter of complaint and sent it recorded delivery i know this arrived almost two weeks a go and i have yet to receive any letter email or phone call back from the company. I know i now have a replacement phone but would still like some sort of apology for the poor service, rudeness and stress I endured through this process. Not to mention the amount of money wasted on phoning the support line several times as well as wasted money on my own phone bill despite being without it for over a month. Please can you help.

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