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kelly's complaint against Samsung

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Complaint against Samsung

After 2 months of my first touch screen phone my messages started deleting as they were arriving in. Also the phone has always been extremely slow from the begining so I took it back to 3 where I bought the phone. I was told that the contract is with Samsung so to go to the repair shop in Sheffield. 1st visit: Software was updated in the store and said would be fine. It wasn't. After that nothing worked. 2nd visit: Took the phone back to explain that, the phone doesn't ring. Camera is black, Whatsapp and facebook doesn't work. When making calls you can't end them , you have to take the battery out. I was asked to leave the phone and collect it in a few days. 2 days later I had a txt to say that the work on my phone had been cancelled. I rang the customer line 03307267864. No one had any idea about my phone there. I was advised to ring the Sheffield shop.Where i was advised that my phone would be ready the next day. I waited until 2 days later to collect my phone, and it wasn't ready..... The staff kept saying "another 5 minutes." I was actually there 2 hours. (more time off work, more money spent on parking. Plus had to buy another phone to use in the mean time). When I was finally given the phone I was told that if It still doesn't work, not to go back as there is nothing that they can do, as they have replaced the mother board. I have got home to find that all the problems are still there and it doesn't work. I have phoned Samsung today to be told to go back to the shop again..... I am running around wasting time and money and no one is truly helping. I was then advised that I could send it off by post but it would take 2 weeks!! if this was a business phone I would be broke. I asked if I could speak to the manager or someone higher up , to be told NO. We will all say the same.... The phone should be replaced as it is faulty. Not repair,repair,repair. I have never had such poor customer service. I will never be purchasing Samsung again, which is such a shame as my TV and other mobile are Samsung. These products were outstanding. So now I have a phone that I cannot use. I don't know what to do now to resolve the situation. And I am only 5 months into a 2 year contract......

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