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Paul's complaint against Samsung

Paul Reeves


Samsung Note 4 charging lead caught fire. Samsung not accepting responsibility

Complaint against Samsung

Several weeks ago I put my Samsung Note 4 on to charge overnight. It was the supplied Samsung fast charger that remains by by bedside permanently. At 4:am my wife woke me to say she could smell burning. When I glanced at my phone I could see smoke rising from the charging point connector. I quickly unplugged it, burning my fingers in the process. The following day I took it to an O2 shop who sent it off for repair. Several days later they said it was user error and not covered by warranty. They helpfully suggested that I pay the £60+ repair bill or contact Samsung. Basically O2 washed their hands of it. I then contacted Samsung who asked me to send the Note 4 to them. Yesterday, I had a call from their customer care?! team who said their engineers have examined the phone and their was evidence of liquid in the charger which caused the fire. Firstly, it wasn't raining in my bedroom that night, the phone hasn't been in the shower or fell into the toilet. Secondly, O2's report made no mention of water damage and how do I know that their engineers didn't spill their morning coffee on it whilst it was in their safe custody. Come on Samsung and O2, stop passing the buck and take your responsibilities seriously. This could have ended very differently if I charged my phone downstairs!

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