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Keith's complaint against TalkTalk

Keith Page


[LAPSED] A 'free' unwanted sim card was provided and then billed because of no DD set up.

Complaint against TalkTalk

During a renegotiation of my home broadband and phone account I was offered a free pay as you go sim which I didn't want or need, but accepted under duress. Having shredded the simm on arrival, in January this year I received a bill detailing no use of the Sim. On querying this the bill was credited and I was passed to the loyalty department. I was informed that due to the absence of a direct debit mandate I was being charged for a paper bill (which arrived by email) for the princely sum of £0.00. I asked to cancel the account and was informed that there is a 30 day period required to effect the cancellation and I would receive another bill in Feb for not having a direct debit against an unused account. How many others are experiencing this I wonder?

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Lapsed. Keith has not responded in 90 days

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Keith, I am sorry about that. If you can contact us on our community (found on our website page) or through twitter we can ask our mobile team to look into this charge for you. Kind Regards Vicky
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