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Neil's complaint against TalkTalk

Neil MacCallum


Avoid TalkTalk!!

Complaint against TalkTalk

The connection is shocking! I had the basic £17 per month package which worked fine. Then, all of a sudden it stops working completely to be told I need rewiring work to be done. That gets done and the connection I once had was like dial up from 20 years ago. I spoke to them about what had happened and was told that is what to expect in the basic package and that there were no issues with my connection. Obviously there were as I'm not blind deaf or stupid. I was told I needed to upgrade to a fibre optic package for a decent connection. Stupidly I accepted and I pay £30 more a month for a very slow service, exactly the same as it was with the £17 per month before I needed this 'rewiring'. Only to be slammed with a £50 fee for an engineer to come out which wasn't explained to me at any point at all. Absolutely disgraceful and a big big regret of mine! Avoid talktalk at all costs!! They are a bunch of con artists. The connection is ridiculously poor and the customer service is terrible.

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