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Mark's complaint against TalkTalk

Mark Richards


[LAPSED] Bad service

Complaint against TalkTalk

I have had problems with talktalk for some time, I told them several times that I had to keep resetting my modem, they sent me out another modem but this was no better and they said if it didn't work , use another provider. The next problem was my TV box, just before the Paralympics the demand programmes stopped working and I lost the means to record and playback programmes I had already recorded, so I phoned talktalk and they tried to say it must have been something I did , which I hadn't even touched the box, so they said they would have to send an engineer out to sort it, when I asked them when, they said he couldn't be out for another 10 days, this angered me so I asked for £500 compensation as I was going to miss the Paralympics. On the day, 2 hrs before he was due the enginner phoned me to say he would not be out till the following week, no reason given, so I had enough and cancelled my contract, as advised, and asked for a further £400 on top of the previous compensation. They told me that the CEO would phone me to let me know whats happening, no phonecalls, so I phoned them on the 3rd Nov and their excuse was the system was down, so I phoned them today 5th Nov and they reckon they have tried to contact me, lies as I am always at home , due to health reasons and I also have an answerphone and number recognition on my phones, and they want £336 from me, which I am going to refuse to pay unless they payup.

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Lapsed. Mark has not responded in 90 days

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Mark, Any compensation would be offered in line with our compensation policy which you can find here Do you have an open complaint with the CEO team at the moment? Thanks, Emma

Mark Richards | | VERIFIED

I have an open complaint with someone but seeing that nobody has bothered to get in touch with me I don't now whats happening, they say that they have tried to get in touch with me but it's all lies as I have an answer machine and also phone numbers are shown on my phone. I have phoned up several times but just get palmed off. Am waiting for a reply as am at home most of the time due to illness.

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Can you please contact my team by tweeting @TalkTalk so we can take a look at the complaint for you. Thanks, Emma
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