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kayleigh's complaint against TalkTalk

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Complaint against TalkTalk

3 weeks ago we decided to join talk talk. A Package for 2mb Internet, phone and tv. 2 weeks ago when equipment came we only were getting 0.2 Internet not the 2 promised so we called talk talk and told our problems they told us to upgrade which would cost us more money and we did. 2 days later we called to ask what deal we had purchased as the woman never made it clear. But this person couldn't understand our question which was very simple. Anyway we asked to speak to a manager and she told us "he was in a meeting" anyway we was getting no where with her and she put the phone down on us. Then I realised it was 8pm so she obviously wanted to go home. So 3 weeks into it we still have not Internet and tv won't work due to internet. So today we decided to call it quits and cancEl. So we phoned cancellation team to heat that there system is down so i asked to speak to a manger with difficulty they actaully put me throigh to one. He said the cancellation sytem is down but if we wanted to try and fix it that system is magically working. Frustrated that they are stopping us from leaving and the fact I had spent £80 on mobile to call them I just said please call me back today when the system is back up. No he can't do that in his schedule. I'm stunned by the poor customer service that they provide. I feel we are trapped in this contact which they can't even stick to what they promised and the unprofesionlism of all of the staff I have spoken to from talk talk. We even upgraded to try and fix their problem and after 3 weeks we want to cancel they are stopping us. ?????

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