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Robert t's complaint against TalkTalk

Robert t Hyatt


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Complaint against TalkTalk

At 11.00 a.m. on Monday 23/10/2017 my landline telephone would only receive calls and my broadband was disconnected.. I spent many hours trying to restore it myself and then I asked my Computer engineer to come in to help me. He paid three visits to my house over the next few days and presented me with a bill for £98. He and I both repeatedly contacted TalkTalk to report the fault saying that it was a crossed line but nothing seemed to happen. Eventually on Friday 03/11/2017 a BT Outreach engineer called and the phone connection and broadband were restored at 17.45. This not only caused me some expense but also great inconvenience. I was "on call" for anyone in the town to telephone me if they had urgent needs such as illness, death or funeral advice, I was taking a retreat in Worthing and trying to organise a mission to Uganda in early 2018. Furthermore my banking is done on line and I could not pay bills or make financial transactions. I have made a claim for £50 per day, which is what I think the inconvenience that I have suffered has cost me, and I hope that you can reimburse me.

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