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paul's complaint against TalkTalk

paul stephens-warburton


failed internet

Complaint against TalkTalk

for over 12months now i have had slow internet or internet crashing out daily, i pay for 38mbp yet lucky if i get 2mbp at times. despite 3 engineers coming out they failed to resolve the issue.spent hours on the phone trying to help them fix it but no fix. finally told by there ceo office we cant fix it and you cant leave til october as under contract til then so tough

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TalkTalk failed to resolve this complaint

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Paul, If your complaint has been handled by the CEO's Office you will need to contact your CEO Manager to progress the case. If you are unhappy with the resolution they offer there is a process for this to be escalated. You will need to discuss this with your CEO Case Manager. Regards Mark Online Community Department TalkTalk

paul stephens-warburton | | VERIFIED

not resolved no call ffrom ceo as have no case manager
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