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Martin's complaint against TalkTalk

Martin Sensecall


[LAPSED] Failed to deliver the service I paid for

Complaint against TalkTalk

Router failed. Replacement cheap with poor coverage. Worse than original unit. Broadband speed dropped to only 350k after running at just under 1 mg (we are in a rural area) Overhead cable to our house was pulling away from facia, where it was attached. I had to fix it myself as person I contacted at TalkTalk had no understanding of the issue. Web page 'help' an absolute waste of time. Can only assist with a limited number of issues. Why as a customer am I expected to fix a service I am paying for?!

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Lapsed. Martin has not responded in 90 days

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Martin, If you pop over to the TalkTalk Community ( we can look into this for you and arrange an engineer if necessary. Theres no circumstances where you should be fixing an external line, this is Open Reach responsbility who we can arrange if necessary. Cheers Mark Online Community Department TalkTalk

Martin Sensecall | | VERIFIED

How on earth can my issues be dealt with when TalkTalk only phone me during office hours? I am self employed and am generally not in when they call. 'community' service is quite frankly a waste of time. It's only when the brown stuff hits the fan that TalkTalk get their arses into gear and use a UK English speaking operative based in one of their rare UK centres to TALK to their customers. I had to carry out repairs myself as it presented a highways issue. Pay my invoice for doing so

Martin Sensecall | | VERIFIED

"There's no circumstances where you should be fixing an external line, this is Open Reach responsibility" Joke! I am aware of this but your operative was unable to understand the nature of the fault/issue. IT WAS A HIGHWAYS ISSUE. I contacted Openreach myself and they advised me to deal with TalkTalk. Around in circles again. Your online 'community' IS useless. Need help? Forget it. Leave TalkTalk and they're over you like a rash. Pay my invoice as attached. I'll send a copy if required

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Martin, Regardless of the cause if you have a loss of service its your supplier who needs to arrange the repair. If its a highways issue we will raise this to Open Reach who will investigate and resolve the fault. Have you already posted on the TalkTalk Community about your issue? If so do you have a link to your thread so I can pick this up. Cheers Mark Online Community Department TalkTalk

Martin Sensecall | | VERIFIED

The service was not lost. The overhead cable was pulling away from the timber fascia of my property. You Indian call centre operative was incapable of understanding the issue, that is why I firstly tried contacting Openreach and then made the repairs myself. I am an electrical contractor. My home is on a quiet rural road. I needed action NOW! Pleas don't keep referring to Online Comm Dept. IT'S A WASTE OF TIME - looped back to India. Spend your time and efforts on UK based support!

Martin Sensecall | | VERIFIED

You still have not addressed my issues with slower than promised broadband speed and inferior router replacing failed unit. I wrote a letter to your complaints department and received a standard reply. Absolutely NO reference to any of the issues I listed in my letter including invoicing TalkTalk for my time and materials. Small claims court??

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

HI Martin, The TalkTalk Comunity is a UK based team, we are not based offshore. Have you tried to post on the TalkTalk Community to discuss this with us? Alternatively you may wish to follow the complaints process Regards Mark Online Community Department
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