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Gerard's complaint against TalkTalk

Gerard Lee


faulty viewbox,

Complaint against TalkTalk

the viewbox had an intermiting fault I was paying for boxnation as well as sky sports to talktalk, the pic. kept breaking up ,after phoning got me no where I got onto the chat centre then back to the phone they sent an engineer out he said one of the problems was my ariel got a new one the fault was still there, after 4hours on the phone yesterday they sent out an other engineer to-day with a new box. I paid £14.95 for a sky box office on the 1oth Dec. could not watch it as the picture broke up again,they said they would compensate me for the money I have paid them for sevices I could not get through no fault of my own, now they want to know who said I would get a refund,I was onto so may people I dont know who it was, but I do have the chat room conversation as I sent them to my email, talk talk was to phone me but again no one has

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