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[User Deleted]'s complaint against TalkTalk

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[RESOLVED] - Formal complaint about a £65 engineer visit charged

Complaint against TalkTalk

Dear Customer Complaint Manager, Account number: xxxxxxxxxxx I am writing to make a formal complaint about a £65 engineer visit charged that have been debited from my account 2 months later for second engineer visit. I had a broadband connection problem the day my line was activated in August 2016. I joined TalkTalk at the start of August 2016. I rang TalkTalk customer service in August 2016 to complaint about my broadband connection and I advised the adviser my internet service was extremely very slow but the internet was working. The customer service team put me through to the technical team who did a test on the telephone line but could not find any fault. The Adviser arranged for an engineer visit for the 25 August 2016. The adviser read the following terms and conditions below which I accepted because I desperately needed the internet to do my project. No1. - No Charge for an Engineer to come out. No2. - No Charge if the fault is outside my property. No3. - Charge only if fault is found inside my property On the 25 August 2016, the engineer visited my home and checked the inside and outside of my property but he did not find any fault, so he left and when back to give his assessment report but the problem still persisted. So I rang the customer service team again at the start of September 2016 to say that my internet was very slow and that I have to turn off the modern about 3 to 4 times daily each time I wanted to use the internet. I advised the adviser I had the same internet problem so the adviser arranged for another engineer visit and a new date was agreed but this time I am fully aware of the engineer visit terms and conditions so I agreed the date for the second visit in mid-September 2016 knowing full well there was going to be no new fault because the first engineer did not find any fault on the first visit on the 25 August 2016. During the second visit the second engineering could not find any fault again but he notice that telephone line router was behind the back door and also notice that old router is known to have problem/issues so he decided to re-locate router from behind the back door to a suitable location to see if this will make a different to the internet service. He also mentioned there will be NO CHARGE for this router as he found no faults with my old. Before the 2 visit I was advised by the adviser I was not going to be charge £65 if the engineering find no fault inside or outside of my property. As far as I am concern the adviser did not find any fault inside and outside my house. On the 2 visit the Engineer did not find any fault at all. All he did was to notice that router was an old router and that the router had a known problem/issued, a problem router I met in the property when I moved into the property. I problem router that was install in the property before I moved in, an problem router that was install in the wrong place inside my home behind the door. I was not charge £65 in September 2016 when I had the second visit, I was not charge in October 2016 but instead you waited 2 months later to charge me £65 in November 2016. I won’t have known I have been charged £65 if I did not look at my bank statement. I actually meant to have call you during this coming weekend(3 December 2016) to report the same broadband connection issue/problem but I am not going to contact you now because I know I will be charge again £65 if the engineer do decide to change the router again or change the location. Christmas is just around the corner and I have no additional money for my children and my children might not get a Christmas present this year because your incompetent company have charge me £65 for money I have not got. This £65 engineer visit charged have set my bank account in arrear, for this I am going to be charge additional £20 every week for unauthorised overdraft charge. I rang your customer service billing team today 01st December 2016 at around 6pm and I asked the adviser to explain why I have been charge £65 and he advised I was charged because the engineer visited my house in September 2016 and changed the router so I explained and gave him the above information. He tried to put me through to Technical team but the line was very busy so he put me through to one his customer service manager by the name HARPREET KAUR. She was not very helpful, all she could say is that she was going to listen to the call I made in September 2016 to establish whether I did agreed to the terms and conditions when I made the called for a second engineer visit in September 2016 and if she find out I agreed to the terms and conditions then I won’t get a refund. She did not have any empathy on me. The feeling I got from a 1 and half hour of the telephone conversation was that she did not care what so ever. I guess because she is based in India and she does not use the TalKTalk broadband service. The customer service team in India do not really care about our complaints and issue because they were not in our shoes. I am kindly asking to please waive the £65 engineer visit charged because the old router that was in property had known issued/problem. An old faulty router that I did not install in the first place as the engineer confirmed it had known issued/problem. I bet I am not the only one who have experience this bad behaviour from such a big company like yourself. I look forward t hearing from you soon.

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TalkTalk resolved this complaint

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My complaint is been deal with directly TALKTALK CEO team.
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