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Laetitia's complaint against TalkTalk



[LAPSED] Fraudulent activity on my account by talktalk

Complaint against TalkTalk

Early the month of July I was shopping around for a broadband. I got on phone with talktalk who seem promising for the package same I wanted. First thing the agent was rude to me only because I asked if I could cancel if once the service was installed and I didn't like it. They say YES you are in your right to cancel within 14 days of installation however installation fee is £25 which I agreed to. While the rude agent joe said to me WHY DO YOU WANT A CONTRACT IF YOU ARE ALREADY THINKING OF CANCELLING?I immidiately asked to speak with a manager , Within two weeks after talking with talktalk I rang again to cancel my reservation which went well, I wasn't told about any charges of £50. 1st of August I check my bank statement and I see that talktalk has charged me £50, so I rang them and after 40 minutes of wait I finally get to speak with so called manager named YAZ number 1106 who could not give me a clear explanation as why they charged me. All he could say was "you won't get your money back" because it is a priority charge. So I asked for our conversation recording or the papers which I have signed to agree to a priority charge and this manager YAZ said he was happy to provide but I needed to pay a £20 charge for the record to be sent to my address. Next think he put me again on waiting and he's colleague picked up the phone and said SORRY THIS CONVERSATION END HERE. I am not able to speak with you anymore as you dont seem to understand. WITH THIS EXPERIENCE I JUST WANT TO WORN ANYONE WHO WISH TO GET ANY CONTRACT WITH TALKTALK TO THINK TWICE BEFORE GIVING THEM YOUR BANK DETAILS. THEY ARE MONEY HUNGRY AND THIEVES AND CROOKS. ONCE YOUR MONEY IS IN THERE HANDS THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO.

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Lapsed. Laetitia has not responded in 90 days

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Laetitia If you contact us on twitter (@TalkTalkCare) or via our community pages on our website we can certainly look into this for you. Vicky

Laetitia | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Leatitia, I'm sorry to hear you feel that way. We ask you to contact us in the ways Vicky has advise of so we can take your account details securely. If you're unhappy doing this you can contact our chat teams for help here Thanks Emma

Laetitia | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

I'm really sorry you feel this way, Laetitia. Alternatively, you can follow our complaints process here: Thanks, Becky
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