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David's complaint against TalkTalk

David Baldwin


[LAPSED] Got a line fault which effects the boadband, Not a probm but Can I get Talk Talk to fix it.

Complaint against TalkTalk

Weeks ago Our telephone line became crackly, this stops the broadband from working all the time, and it is now slow, Reported the fault very day since then, everyday I get a text message to say it is fixed, and the fault is cleared down, so I then have to call Talk Talk and go through the whole thing again, hours on the telephone everyday even Sunday and bank holidays, just to get the same again. it is an intermittent fault. The odd thing is the people over the road had the same thing, BT open reach came in sorted there fault, but odd the every same day we got the same fault.!!!!! On one day I was talking to a so called engineer who did not know what a DSL signal is & resistance, he told me it was working, funny that as he had asked me to unplug the rougher, so how could he see it was working when clearly it could not. after that the phone went dead. Ring backs can take up to 92 hours! Why can't they read the notes and call me back? too much too ask. Driving me nuts, & I have a bill in to be paid, if I do not pay they will cut me off and mark my credit record.

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Lapsed. David has not responded in 90 days

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi David, I'm realy sorry to hear that you're having problems. Please get in touch by tweeting @TalkTalkCare or register and post on our community and we will look into this. Thanks, Becky
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