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Laura's complaint against TalkTalk

Laura Elkin


Great low prices, terrible service, terrible speeds and even worse support

Complaint against TalkTalk

Seriously!!!! What on earthis wrong with the 'customer service staff' TalkTalk! ?!! STILL after being imprisoned for 11months cannot get their act together!! Bill paid 5 days ago, extra fine applied on a balance of zero AFTER paying?! And despite paying a month in ADVANCE, they see no issue with sending ANOTHER bill 5 days after the 'late payment charge' is applied PRIOR TO THE BILL HAVING BEEN CREATED LET ALONE DUE?!..... seriously, no saving to be had here, you'll pay the same as leading providers once they've applied sneaky fees and enjped taking double payments through your direct debit. No customer service, no UK call centers, no empathy, remorse or apologetic gesture of goodwill, just a 30 minute phone bill to a premium rate number. Absolute joke, especially when the speed is slow AF and cuts out totally most days! 12 months of hellish stress later to find that due to taking advantage of the 'generous new customer price match' deal this hellish life sentence of a contract continues for an extra 12 months! !!! Be prepared to Scream Scream with Talk Talk. Continuous incorrect billing, inability to resolve a simple phone query in under 45 minutes and abysmal Internet speeds on top of sign up lies, irresponsible duplicate debit debit deductions and utter lack of remorse.

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