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liam's complaint against TalkTalk

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Complaint against TalkTalk

Tell you something now the service av been given is bad been lied to over the phone appointment been confirmed by text 2 times and not showing up no phone call no nothing been told my live date would be the 2nd April then it was the 8th April now a different day took 2 day off work to sit in for nothing while I could of been working to provide for my family are yous going to pay me for theses av took off work no the service is sh!t I have been given yous mite treat other customers like this but definitely not me yous promised so many things from the start yous have done the opposite spoke high profile people in the company and they lied to me on the phone about my appointment yous are definitely not getting away with this yous think some competition like free broadband or tv I don't think so av been nothing any other way to say it but but the services is sh!t lack of customer care lack of communication everything absolute joke of a company

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TalkTalk failed to resolve this complaint

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Liam, I am sorry to hear this. So can help with this, please have chat with us on or Twitter feed @TalkTalkCare or our Community. Thanks Abbie

liam sholdrr | | VERIFIED

I have tryed this very unpleasant staff lack of communication for a broadband phone and tv provider been passed from person to person spoke to high profile people in the company they have lied to me had 2 different dates to got live didn't happen took days off work for nothing bad customer service and lack of communication everything absolute joke of a company not treating me like this definitely not

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

I'm really sorry you feel this way, Liam. Our Twitter and Online Community team will be happy to assist you with this if you pay them a visit. Thanks, Becky

liam sholdrr | | VERIFIED

Yous promised me My go live date never happened twice and now they saying they can't give me a date now don't promise people then bad customer service tryed everything I can do been passed from person to person they going to ring me back still waiting now no contact off no one from talktalk yous need to get your priorities right about customers and still waiting on a phone call absolute joke of a company I give yous till tomorrow to contact me if not am done

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Liam, If you contact us on twitter (@TalkTalkCare) or via our community page on our website we will be able to look into this for you. Thanks Vicky

liam sholdrr | | VERIFIED

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