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Khaled's complaint against TalkTalk

Khaled Bounab


I received an email from talktalk saying I've gone £9 over my allowance,witch a disagree .anyway

Complaint against TalkTalk

I tried to contact them about my problem but couldn't reach them,tried to login my account I couldn't Tried their web still nothing Feed up with them they over charge you and you can't even have an explanation why. I'm very careful with my spending I have unlimited internet and I don't call the numbers that they charge for but still get my bill wrong over charged

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TalkTalk failed to resolve this complaint

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Khaled, My Account is now restored for you to be able to view the full bill itemisation. If you have any other questions please either tweet us @TalkTalkCare or visit the TalkTalk Community. Cheers Mark, Social Customer Care Team, TalkTalk

Khaled Bounab | | VERIFIED

Well all I want is to get access to my account,so I'll have a possibility to argue my case,but I'm denied that possibility. What I'm asking you now is to block anything or any number that makes my bill over the Limits so I'll have only what I singed for.if you can do that we'll no longer have this problem and I want to have access to my account thank you.

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Khaled, We can do that for you, you just need to contact us directly using one of the methods above. Cheers Mark Social Customer Care Team TalkTalk

Khaled Bounab | | VERIFIED

Well let say they always find the way to charge you
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