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Marie's complaint against TalkTalk

Marie Hill


Loss of Internet and terrible customer service

Complaint against TalkTalk

On 28/9/17 I returned home from work to find that I had no internet connection. I called TalkTalk customer services for help. I was on the phone for 42 minutes for a call that should have been much quicker. The line was awful, I was put on hold various times and the 'agent' had a very strong accent making it incredibly difficult to understand him. After various checks I was told to turn the router off for 30 minutes then call back if this did not resolve the issue. I stated that good customer service would be for him to call me back. The agent laughed and said that this was not possible. After pushing it further he gained agreement from his supervisor to call me back. Unsurprisingly this did not happen and I had to call customer services again resulting in another 12 minute call. I was advised that someone would call me back in 72 hours to discuss next steps. At this point I raised a complaint about the customer services and was told that I would receive a call back on this within 48 hours. I also complained about the broadband in general as service is regularly disrupted and it often doesn't work for periods of time. My phone or iPad will simply not be able to load pages. Once again neither of these call happened. On 2/10/17 I called customer services again to complain further. My partner was due to work from home that afternoon and could not due to the continued loss of internet resulting in 5 hours lost work. He earns £15 an hour giving a loss of earnings of £75. The call lasted 34 minutes when all of the same checks that I had already been through on the 28/09 were undertaken again. I was then advised that it was a problem with the BT line and told that an Openreach engineer would need to visit. An appointment was arranged for between 1-6pm the next day. I was told that I needed to be present and would face a £65 charge for a missed appointment. I am in full time employment so had to take the afternoon off work. After waiting in all afternoon no one turned up. I called TalkTalk customer services to once again complain. This was another 30 minute phone call. A very vague explanation was given to explain the no-show saying that BT were conducting line tests to see if an engineer needed to come out. To me this was not an acceptable reason given I had been told that an engineer was booked. I suspect that they failed to make the appointment correctly. I earn £16.50 an hour resulting in loss of earnings for me of £82.50. Another appointment was made for 5/10/17 8-1. This once again meant that I needed to book the day off work resulting in further loss of earnings. This time for 7 and a half hours - £123.75. I was also told that I would receive a call back after this to ensure the issue was resolved and to discuss compensation for my wasted time and the poor customer service. This was scheduled for 6/10/17 between 6-8pm. The openreach engineer did turn up however on arrival after explaining the issue they told me that they were a phone engineer and I needed an broadband engineer. If they could not fix the issue then I would need another appointment. They advised that TalkTalk regularly do this and book phone engineer for broadband issues as they are cheaper. Luckily the engineer managed to fix the issue after an hour and a half. He explained that the problem had been a faulty fibre point. The call back to discuss my complaint and compensation was not received on the 6th. I did however receive a call on the 8th but was told that this was purely to check that the internet was restored. I was obviously not very happy. The agent attempted to look into why the broadband is generally so poor and conducted router checks however after 20 minutes I ended the call because it was pointless and a further waste of my time if the purpose was not to resolve my complaint. I was scheduled another call back regarding the complaint for yesterday, the 10/10/17, between 6-9 but again this did not happen. The customer service received has been appalling and as I was promised by TalkTalk I want to be compensated for the following: loss of internet for a week the time taken by me personally contacting the helpline multiple times the first failed BT appointment (£65 charge that I would have faced if I had not turned up) the loss of earnings for both myself (£206.25) and my partner (£75) the disgusting customer service received, failure to provide multiple follow up calls promised and continuous waste of my time

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