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siddikabibi's complaint against TalkTalk

siddikabibi makda


[LAPSED] making us pay when not connected to their broadband

Complaint against TalkTalk

On august 6th 2015, we left TalkTalk and moved to virgin media. we clearly stated that we wanted no connections what so ever with Talktalk and the person on the other end, agreed and said they will take our name off their system. all our bills were paid and we didn't have to pay any money to them. in September 2015 we get a letter saying we had to pay £169 for connection with talktalk. we were surprised and phoned immediately as to why we had to pay this much money when all connections were cut off with Talktalk. they replied with we were still connected to talktalk when we wanted to keep the same home number when moving to sky. we said no to Sky as we didn't want any connections with them so we moved back to Virgin media. The man that I had spoken to on the phone had said that he was sorry for the misunderstanding and would take our name off their system. after much argument we agreed that we were not going to pay the amount. Only to find that when opening my email on the 9th October 2015 I find that I have to pay Talktalk £231.98 by 16th October 2015. I am not willing to pay talktalk I am so angry and disappointed that my voice wasn't heard. how am I supposed to pay this much money when I am in a bit of a financial situation and have 8 children to look after. this is out of order and unacceptable. I really need your help.

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Lapsed. siddikabibi has not responded in 90 days

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi siddikabibi, Im sorry to hear about your issues. If you tweet us @TalkTalkCare or post the details of your issue on the TalkTalk Community we can look into this in more depth for you. Cheers Mark

siddikabibi makda | | VERIFIED

Will we still have to pay? Even if we do i AM NOT GOING TO PAY. It wasnt my fault. It was yours for not giving the "excellent service" that you say you give.

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi, Without looking into the details of the account I cannot confirm that at the moment, but if you had confirmation the fee would be waived, it should have been. If you contact us directly we can conduct a security check with you and investigate into this in more depth, checking the contact priori to disconnection and if necessary clearing the charge. Cheers Mark Social Customer Care Team TalkTalk

siddikabibi makda | | VERIFIED

Ive called in and the problem is being sorted

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

HI, No problem, I'm glad to see this is in hand to be resolved. Cheers Mark Social Customer Care Team TalkTalk
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