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Deborah's complaint against TalkTalk

Deborah travis


[RESPONDED] Miss sold contract and had Lies and still still billing

Complaint against TalkTalk

Talktalk Miss sold contract which they admitted Charged for calls I didn't make Lied about having fault on line even though they compensated for it Refused to end contract when costs went up and they were informed I couldn't afford it I have 200 emails logging complaints most of which have been ignored Promised call back from CEOs office and missed days of holiday waiting for calls to resolve problems but didn't receive calls Talktalk stopped services and my bill has increased over £200 since switching Talktalk LIED TO OMBUDSMAN which I only found out when I requested the information by SARS

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Deborah travis | | VERIFIED

Good morning mark thank you for your reply I have many ref no for the one of the latest ones is 150426-000044 - I have spoken to 3 people from the ceo office the first was one who promised to call me back and I was desperate to get it sorted I missed 2 days of a 5 day holiday just to be told he was on holiday 3rd so was rude obtuse and said non of it happened and I didn't have the emails I had

Deborah travis | | VERIFIED

They also said I didn't have a fault on my line and their engineer didn't sort it - don't they contract this out ? And besides I have the managers name date and time we spoke how long for and he was the one who confirmed I did I fact have a fault for weeks and that I was charged for calls I didn't make etc

Deborah travis | | VERIFIED

Sorry Emma got name mixed up

Deborah travis | | VERIFIED

I have given the information requested and true to from I'm still being ignored and surprise surprise my bill which should be absolutely zero is me £317. TALKTALK SJOULD BE AVOIDED

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Deborah, I'm sorry to hear you've had problems with you account. Has a complaint been referred to the CEO team on your behalf? If so do you have a complaint reference? Thanks Emma
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