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chris's complaint against TalkTalk



[LAPSED] Misssold service & Charged Unknown Number

Complaint against TalkTalk

I've been with talk talk now for a while but the last 5-6 months have been terrible. I am on international boost, On 19th May a manager told me even though others would pay more but that being an old customer calls to Nigeria on my own boost is 1p (One pence) per minutes - this had previously been free.However, talk talk has been charging me a lot more making my bills high. Also, there are some numbers appearing on my bills I have never called nor know anything about. I've called talktalk several times to resolve this all to no avail. I spend several hours after which they would promise to sort things, call me back, amend the bills - with absolutely nothing being done about it. They have rather now suspended my line. I've no internet and it's just been 'hell' dealing with them really. They tell lies to sell then go behind you to sap more from your bank account, they don't document calls, they cheat on you. It's terrible!! I don't know how they get away with this I've recorded some of my calls with them. As I've spent very many hours on the phone to no avail is why I've decided to come to you. Thanks for your help in this matter. Chris

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Lapsed. chris has not responded in 90 days

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Chris, Nigeria was removed from the boost some time ago. Since then the price is still discounted but at 4p for landlines and 5p for mobiles. ( If you want us to look into this further please tweet us @TalkTalkCare or post on the TalkTalk Community. Cheers Mark Social Customer Care Team, TalkTalk

chris | | VERIFIED

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi, I am a representative of TalkTalk. As advised above if you contact us either by tweeting @TalkTalkCare or posting on the Community we can look into the conversation in more depth for you. Regards Mark, Social Customer Care Team, TalkTalk
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