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Andrew's complaint against TalkTalk

Andrew McKee


[LAPSED] Monwy debited for a mobile of which I have no knowledge

Complaint against TalkTalk

Talk Talk mobile account number: 05520194 To whom it may concern, Without prejudice, I am exercising my right to cancel my direct debit to 'Talk Talk mobile.' This seems to have been taken out without my knowledge some years ago. I don't check my statements as often as I should but I noticed a while ago that Talk Talk had a payment of about £3. Initially I thought nothing of it because I was a Talk Talk customer. Then, after I cancelled my Talk Talk account I noticed there was still a direct debit coming out of my account. I knew l would have to see what the payment was for, as I had no Talk Talk accounts, to my knowledge. I noticed on one of my recent statements that there was is some £7 coming out on a direct debit to Talk Talk! I would like to know how I got into this direct debit, since I have no recollection of signing up to any mobile deal and I have never used a Talk Talk mobile! I need to get to the bottom of this problem, if it cannot be resolved through Talk Talk, l will need to take out an indemnity claim. Hopefully you can resolve this matter. Yours faithfully Andrew McKee

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Lapsed. Andrew has not responded in 90 days

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

HI Andrew, We don't recommend you publicly post account numbers etc. You'd need to contact the mobile team for help with a mobile service. Thanks, Emma
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