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S.Sawy's complaint against TalkTalk



My ban account details have by compromised by a Talk Talk Manager in India

Complaint against TalkTalk

on the 02/08/2015 I received a phone call from a talk talk manager in India regarding a debt of £27.87 (1 month broadband ) subscription) and asked me to pay over the phone, I asked him to sort my problem of logging in to my account in order to be able to pay securely online; but he insisted that if I don't pay now, They will black list me with the credit reference agency. a few days after giving my account details to this manager, my card was cloned and sold to criminals in the USA who cleaned my account of £4500 between the 07/08 and the 11/08 the day I found out about massive numbers of transactions all of which were carried out uin the USA, t The bank manager and the fraud team in the bank managed to cancell my debit card and issue me with a new one a few days later Talk Talk must take responsibility for the breach and refund all my money back

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TalkTalk failed to resolve this complaint

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi, I'm sorry to hear that. We will need to look into this in more depth for you. Please contact us either on the TalkTalk Community or by tweeting us @TalkTalkCare and we can investigate. Cheers Mark, TalkTalk Social Customer Care Team, TalkTalk


Mark; What Contact?


talk talk, time wasting


Hi Mark As mentioned in my complaint; I have sent you a formal complaint on the 29/10/2015, and also another formal letter to you and the CEO on the 21/11/2015, and still did not have the courtesy of an answer from your office or the CEO'S Office, and if you read my complaint you will understand that I am blocked from accessing your web site as well as your talk talk community. The time limit for your reply have ended on the 27/11/2015, and the next step will be the ombudsman.


TalkTalk response is unreasonable and a time wasting exercise
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