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kerrie's complaint against TalkTalk

kerrie edgar


[LAPSED] No Internet Provided

Complaint against TalkTalk

I signed up with Talk Talk in May 2018 i was receiving Fast Broadband and having no problems at all, then i informed them of my move of address which was due to happen Jan 2019 telling them i would like to stay with them they said they would make the switch on as quick as possible. I was originally paying £27 per month and was told because they are unable to provide me Fast Broadband my payments would be £11 something per month. I moved and they made the connection a couple of weeks later, all seemed to be going fine and the first months payment was taken then into my second month at new address payment changed to £20 something and then i noticed web pages were really slow to load when using the laptop i didn't let this bother me until i was constantly getting "You are not connected to the internet" on the tv, then i was resorted to having no choice but to use my mobile data. My first contact with Talk Talk was through live chat the first one didn't go so well as i don't think he understood me when i said please give me a few minutes because i've got mobility issues, after completing the task he wanted me to do he had ended the chat ! The second one live chat again, he ran a few checks altered something on the router and things seemed to be working. He transferred me to another person due to me saying i wanted to leave and i was told i had to give them 30 days to resolve the problem otherwise i would have a fee to pay. The very next day i had to make contact twice with less than 30 minutes between phone calls, I asked for someone to be sent out and was told they can not do this until checks have been carried out at their end first so i said as you can see from the live chats checks have been carried out on more than one occasion over the last two days, but i let them do the checks again this included the router and this time clearing the cache on my laptop after this come 10pm the tv was showing "You are connected" I ended the call and managed approx 15 mins of Eastenders before having to ring them yet again with yet again the exact same problem no internet ! This time i asked how much i would incur if i found it too much to continue to ring them everyday until the end of April and was told £211. I have a disability and can not leave the house without help of another so i rely on the internet but at the moment all i am doing is paying for something i am not receiving.

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Lapsed. kerrie has not responded in 90 days

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Kerrie, I'm truly sorry to read about the experience you've had. We'd like to look into the issues you're having and make sure we put things right. You can reach my team on Twitter (@TalkTalk), get in touch on our Online Community ( or reach out via our Help & Support page ( Becky - TalkTalk Social Team
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