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Ron's complaint against TalkTalk

Ron Tocknell


[LAPSED] No telephone connection

Complaint against TalkTalk

On Friday 13/11/15 at around 11:00am, we lost internet and telephone connection. It has proved impossible to contact a human being via the numbers provided and their website simply takes one in circles. The 'technical help chat' facility on the 'Contact us' page is unavailable and there is no option to email them. All links for 'email' is directed to this page where there is no email form. Internet connection resumed at around 22:30pm on Saturday 14/11/15 but still no telephone connection.

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Lapsed. Ron has not responded in 90 days

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Ron, If you contact us wither via twitter @TalkTalkCare or by posting on the TalkTalk Community ( we can get a fault report raised for you and have this investigated. Cheers Mark Social Customer Care Team TalkTalk

Ron Tocknell | | VERIFIED

Mentioned it on Twitter, no response. Mentioned it on your FB page, no response. Managed to get through to tech help chat (Peter) who says test on Sat 14th “detected a fault on [my] line” but text from TT on 14th said there was no fault detected. I am aware that TT is inundated with complaints of exactly same problem. Clearly fault is your end. Is there direct email I can contact you? Limited to 500 characters here.

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

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