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Andy's complaint against TalkTalk

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Complaint against TalkTalk

My internet went down last Friday night (5 days ago). The best option I could find was to contact TalkTalk’s messaging service, but this was only open until 10pm. So they replied in the morning around 8am. For the next 5 hours they went through a diagnostics process and everything about this service is bad. Here are some examples; 1) They cannot switch to live conversations. Everything has to be done via texts, which makes more complex diagnostic procedures almost impossible, 2) They cannot receive pictures. Surely this would really help? 3) The customer does not keep the same service operator throughout the process - you are switched around. This leads to complexity, long delays and frustrations. Anyway, after 5 hours it was determined that the router was at fault. I expected an urgent resolution from a company valued at £1.5 billion with nearly 2,500 employees and 4 million customers. Especially when my heating, my alarm security system, my television services and my general web service runs off the internet. Surely there would be same-day delivery with onsite help from a business this size? Sadly, no. The process does everything it can to avoid onsite assistance. And the router was ordered for normal delivery. As of now - 5 days later - it still hasn’t arrived and I still have no internet. TalkTalk is blaming the Bank Holiday. Unfortunately I have to travel abroad today and my home will be left without internet making it impossible for me to operate my alarm and my heating remotely. This is shockingly poor and demonstrates why the Daily Telegraph recently reported that TalkTalk has the worst service of all broadband providers.

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