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Patricia's complaint against TalkTalk

Patricia Elias


[LAPSED] not delivering service a per contract

Complaint against TalkTalk

I have called talktalk on numerous occasions, and got nowhere with them. I joined them in June 2016, but they did not supply the service until September 2016 halfway through the month. They have been taking money from my account since July. My payments should have been £21.35 pm 19.07.16 they took £50.36 27.07.16 they took £50.36 then they kept texting me askin g for money and when I said I am not paying for a service that I have not had they said if I paid it then they would make sure that the service would be up and running in 24-48 hrs. I paid them by debit card as I had cancelled my DD with them. This was for £55.66. I also received a call asking if I would like sim only at a reduce cost which I agreed to verbally. I have never received these sim cards, so I joined O2 through my work. When I went to my bank to make sure that my DD had been cancelled they informed me that Talktalk had reinstated the DD. regarding the sim only they have taken money by DD 01.09.16 they took £31.21 03.10.16 they took £50.66 I was put through to the mobile customer service dept on Monday 31.10.16 and I informed them that I had not received any sim cards, I told them under no circumstances were they to go and take money from my account. only to fine on 01.11.16 they had taken a further £19.45 . I have really been stressed over this as I do not seem to be able to make anyone at talktalk understand what is happening. they never call me when they are supposed to and I have to keep calling them and chase them. I am at my wits end and have informed them I wish to cancel the agreement due to them not supplying the services as agreed under the contract. They have now informed me I will have to pay a termination charge. I have told them no way am I paying this as they did not keep to the agreement. And they have been taking money from my account, on the occasions I have called them not once have they informed that they have been taking this money from my account. they have informed me that I now have a credit of £70.00 on my account and do not need to pay anything until January, this is because I queried how I owed them money, when they have been taking it from my account? I have asked them to check the sim numbers and still had no reply. I work for a Telecoms provider and if we treated our Customers like this I would be out of a job. None of the payments have been the agreed amount, all different. As it stands I am awaiting another callback from talktalk which I doubt I will receive. I would appreciate any help with this matter going forward, and look forward to hearing from you.

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Lapsed. Patricia has not responded in 90 days

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Patricia, I'm sorry to hear you've experienced problems with your services. If you speak to the billing team they'll be able to help . Thanks, Emma

Patricia Elias | | VERIFIED

User Responded via private message

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

If you need any further help with this Patricia please contact us on the link Emma provided or you can contact us on twitter (@TalkTalk) we will then be able to help you. Thanks Vicky
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