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Carol's complaint against TalkTalk

Carol Smith


[LAPSED] Plenty TalkTalk but NO ACTION!

Complaint against TalkTalk

Catalogue of complaints. Slow broadband speed, they boost - it gets better. Trying to get an ongoing solution so that I don't have to keep calling up. One hour later they agree the speed is slow. Arrange for engineer to visit - nothing he can do as the issue is speed. Same issue again week later call them this time advised that I need to have a wired speed test carried out without this TT insist there is nothing they can do. I insist this is not the solution. Engineer visits tells me there is no such thing as a wired test and I'm charged for the privilege. AND still the broad band is slow ...

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Lapsed. Carol has not responded in 90 days

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Carol, Im sorry to hear your broadband is slow. If youve tried all the checks on the Service Centre and its still slow can you pop over to the TalkTalk Community ( and we can look into this in more depth. Cheers Mark Online Community Exec

Carol Smith | | VERIFIED

This is no longer the issue. The issue is that I am being charged for an engineer call out. No reply from Talk Talk when I escalate my complaint. I have now addressed this to their Head of Complaints (assume there is a reason why they need this role!). Awaiting news.

Carol Smith | | VERIFIED

As per previous reply.

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

HI Carol, We can look into an engineer charge through the Community, werehappy to check why it was applied and if this is incorrect credit it back for you. Cheers Mark Online Community Department

Carol Smith | | VERIFIED

I am also complaining about service received from TT. From being told I was lying, couldn't understand, ex-fisherman (TT advisor) told me about his days on ship and why as I am not married I should not have children, advised min speed TT need to provide is 2 - then denied, advised when more people on TT the BB speed will slow when I challenged then told proudly that you will never find this in small print. I have requested transcipts of all calls be reviewed by Head of Complaints

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Carole, We can handle that on the TT Community aswell, the Online Community Executives are able to handle any queries you may have about your account or services Cheers Mark Online Community Executive

Carol Smith | | VERIFIED

Then please do. I am very keen to have a written response from Talk Talk. Please ensure that you review the transcripts of the calls and reply to each point I raised.

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Carol, No problem, if you register on the TT Community using the link in my last post, this will be addressed. Cheers Mark Online Community Executive TalkTalk

Carol Smith | | VERIFIED

This is just more evidence of TT not listening. I have put forward a complaint to Head of Complaints on 18th March - with expected reply within 5 days. Still nothing. My complaints are many and varied covering 5 A4 pages, there are 3 hours of calls for you to review transcript notes of . How do you propose that I put this on a message with 500 characters. Please someone at TT take the time to review my case and get back to me with a written response as per your Code of Practice.

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

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