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James's complaint against TalkTalk

James r


[LAPSED] Poor customer service false information

Complaint against TalkTalk

After recently upgrading my talktalk broadband. Because the broadband i currently have is slower than average. I get given a time scale for the upgrade to take affect. 3-5 days for router to arrive. 10 days to go live. I was happy with that. Afteer confirming that with the agent several times i agreed to the upgrade. Upon then waiting in for the 3-5 days for router. I then contact there customers service who say it will be with you in next couple of days. So i question the time scale i was given. Only to find out that i was relayed fales information because it takes upto 3 weeks to go live and receive router. When i spoke to them and confirmed the information i had been given i got told. You can either cancel or wait that is it. After being very shocked by the answer they then go ahead and say now we resolved that is there anything else I can help you with. Apart from being misled and treated unfairly i feel all your time is to rope people in and then say like it or lump it.

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Lapsed. James has not responded in 90 days

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi James, I'm sorry to hear that. If you need any further help with this please contact us via our twitter feed (@TalkTalkCare) or via our community page which can be found through our website. Thanks Vicky

James r | | VERIFIED

Still waiting for router. Still no date for delivery and i have to keep arrange for people to be in for delivery. Absolutely ridiculous. Don't have twitter and tried community page. Very poor no gesture of good will either

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi James, We would really like to help with this please pop over to us on our Community or Twitter feed. Thanks, Abbie
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