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Anthony's complaint against TalkTalk

Anthony Gratton


[LAPSED] TalkTalk - never again. The most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with

Complaint against TalkTalk

Tried to cancel 3 mobile contracts after they continued to be charged at full rate after contracts expired. Was conned into new sim only contracts at half price for a year. Continued to charge me previous rate despite promising a new contract started. Then billed at full price for the promised half price contracts. Tried to phone several times, was passed around fobbed off and cut off. Several emails over TWO months to cancel ignored. Promises of callbacks from a manager don't happen as promised. Lies about calls never made. Kept waiting for another callback which was never even arranged. Their solution to this farce is to arrange yet another callback which NEVER happens as promised. Truly appalling.

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Lapsed. Anthony has not responded in 90 days

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Anthony, Im sorry to hear about the issues youve experienced. If you are looking to cancel the Mobile contracts ideally you need to call the mobile Teams and ask to speak to a Loyalty Agent. They can process the disconnection for you while your on the phone, rather than having to await an email reply. Also, only a Loyalty agent can waive any contract breakage fees from the account, so this would be the best course of action for you. Cheers Mark Online Community Executive TalkTalk

Anthony Gratton | | VERIFIED

It is shocking that after two months of being ignored, and the last few days of broken promises, it is only after putting this on a public forum that things happen. If you had read my issues, you will see that I started of using phone contact, but the issues I experienced lead me to using email. Several emails were completely ignored. I was contacted this morning whilst at work, despite requests not to ring whilst I'm working, and have been promised a call back 10-11am Sunday. Let's see.......

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Anthony, We are more than happy to investigate into all your concerns on the TT Community, jsut head over and post the details of your issue and one of the Online Community Execs will pick it up. Cheers Mark Online Community Department

Anthony Gratton | | VERIFIED

Surprise, TalkTalk called on time - first time ever. Not a surprise though, as it was a manager calling about my landline, which I don't have, and she could do nothing but transfer me to an Indian call centre, to someone who knew nothing of my issues, and could only read the TalkTalk script. Bottom line, TalkTalk can ignore my request to cancel, can ignore my requests for refunds of excess charges, and I am stuck with this appalling company until February. Life is too short for all this hassle.

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

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