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Wendy's complaint against TalkTalk

Wendy Hesketh


TalkTalk Saleswoman Conning People to Switch by Telling Lies

Complaint against TalkTalk

In the town centre of Motherwell, North Lanarkshire on 06/11/2017 at around 16:15, 3 salespeople were working for TalkTalk, trying to persuade passing shoppers to switch from their current provider to TalkTalk. The salespeople comprised of 2 males and one female. The female salesperson was telling blatant lies to me to try to persuade me to switch from my current provider to TalkTalk. For example, when I said that I was reluctant to switch from Virgin because I would lose my email address, she informed me that I could keep my Virgin email address. I told her this was untrue. So she Googled this issue on her phone. I could clearly see that it said on the list of results on her phone that you would lose your Virgin email address however she tried to deceive me by quickly clicking on one of the results and tried to scroll past the bit where it says that 'after 90 days' (of closing your Virgin account) your access to to your Virgin email address would be withdrawn. I pointed out to her that she had deliberately scrolled past that information in order to mislead me and, rather than admit her lie, she stated emphatically that she still had her Virgin email address years after switching to TalkTalk and that Virgin media could not take away my "blueyonder" or "virgin" email addresses. She also proceeded to point out a nearby fruit van with its livery email address on which was a Sky email address and said, "That guy's email address says 'Sky' but he's with TalkTalk" as though she knew the fruit seller personally. They had also told me that I could keep my Virgin TV when I switched.I had to point out that this would be at extra cost. They also claimed they needed my postcode and address because they had a limited amount of customers that they could supply and had to decide who could get their service. When I explained I was tied into a contract with Virgin, which would incur a penalty if I left mid-contract, they said I would not incur a penalty and that they would do the switch on my was lie after lie. The woman was more like a seller of snake skin oil that a professional representing a telecoms company. I will be reporting her behaviour to my provider and to the regulator, unless action is taken to reprimand and retrain her and for you to assure me that this sort of bad practice is not indicative of your company as a whole. The irony is that I had been considering changing to TalkTalk before I encountered this woman and her lies.The other salespeople were not as bad, but as this woman appeared older than them and more assertive, there is a danger that she will instill in them her own malpractice.

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