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Tim's complaint against TalkTalk

Tim Spooner


Talktalk slammed my line even though I pay line rental to plusnet

Complaint against TalkTalk

I came home from work on Tuesday 6th December to find my broadband wasn't working. There had been a letter from plusnet explaining works to the line so thought nothing of it. On Wednesday 7th the line was still dead, so called plusnet to explain. I was informed that my line had been discontinued. I asked why and was told that talktalk had taken the line, I had to resign a contract with plusnet and there would be a minimum of 10 day lead time on the new connection. I called talk talk to try and resolve the issue, they told me it wasn't there problem and I was essentially lying. Forward to Saturday, I receive an email from plusnet saying my order is cancelled, I call plusnet to be told that talktalk would not relinquish the line. I called talktalk and eventually spoke to a manager, they had signed a new contract with another tennant in the building, and instead of ascertaining the specific flat, had just selected a flat at random. Which happened to be mine. My broadband won't be in place until 29th December.

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