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David pretswell's complaint against TalkTalk

David pretswell Borthwick


[LAPSED] Unable to make or take any calls on my Landline

Complaint against TalkTalk

As,a last resort,I feel i must report this situation. On Friday of last week I reported to the above (TalkTalk) advising that I could neither take or make calls from my landline,I was then told that an investigation would be undertaken to detect the reason for the fault ,as I had not received any feed back by Sunday I again contacted them and was assured my problem was being investigated ,and that Openreach engineers were in the process of rectifying my problem ,which could/would take up to 48 hours.....On Wednesday (yesterday ) having not heard anything I again contacted TalkTalk,again being assured that a test was being carried out by them (TT) and that it would take one hour to complete ,and that I would be informed of the outcome order for me to take calls my landline calls were transferred to my mobile ,which is working fine ...but I am paying for an UPGRADED service which I am not receiving ,and no update of any progress .....I believe the problem could be a corroded line from the pole to my residence ,...ALL I WANT IS MY LANDLINE WORKING AGAIN ,to date ,no action appears to have been taken ,can I have this sorted once and for all?

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Lapsed. David pretswell has not responded in 90 days

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi David, I'm sorry to hear you're having problems with your services. Have you been provided with a fault reference? Thanks, Emma
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