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Kay's complaint against TalkTalk

Kay Parkyn


[LAPSED] Vulnerable 82yr old Parents left unconnected and unable to telephone

Complaint against TalkTalk

#‎TalkTalkCare‬ Appalled at lack of care shown to our 82yr old parents, already waited over 3 weeks for connection, today told another 3 weeks wait. Fed up of you blaming BTOpenReach and their failure to complete other work. You both just pass the buck and blame each other. I have explained that our parents are vulnerable, in need of medication, that they live 4 miles from us and have no other means of contacting us. Because they live in an isolated village there is very limited public transport so they cannot get out for shopping, go to the doctors etc. With Chronic Asthma, our father is under constant threat of an attack, our Mum is making herself ill worrying about what might happen. You have the gall to send an email this morning stating that our Go Live Date is Confirmed for 15th August instead of today, going on to state that we will be charged if we are not there for the engineer. So how about us billing you for failure to carry out your end of the contract as stated when we arranged to reconnect with you? The phone lines are already at their home - the same line that they used up until 5 months ago when they came to live with us for reasons we won't go into here. Now they have gone home and just wanted to be connected again. If anything happens to either of them, then we will most certainly be holding you responsible!!

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Lapsed. Kay has not responded in 90 days

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Kay, I do apologise for this. I believe we're now in contact on twitter regarding this issue. Vicky
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