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owen's complaint against TalkTalk

owen healy


[LAPSED] weak internet connection

Complaint against TalkTalk

i phoned talktalk customer services at 17.40pm on the 28/01/16 to complain about my weak internet connection, i spoke to ganesh. On good days it is only 2mgbt ,and i cannot use any tv channels. i was told that i am to far away from my telephone exchange. they told me i am over 6km away. i explained that i am only 1.9 miles away and i cannot understand how this would make any difference. my electricity is not reduced.i was told this is the maximum i can receive unless i pay for fibre optic connection. as a pensioner i cannot afford this.

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Lapsed. owen has not responded in 90 days

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Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Owen Healy, Give us a Tweet on our Twitter feed @TalkTalkCare so we can have a look at the connection for you. Thanks, Abbie

owen healy | | VERIFIED

Hi Abbie I do not use social networking site, but I am absolutely outraged with my current connection. I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years and over these years I feel the connection has got worst. I Intend to contact watchdog at BBC TV if the problem is not resolved.

Mark Davies | | VERIFIED

Hi Owen, The speeds you can achieve depend on your attenuation. As you have been advised the further you are from the exchange the slower the speeds your line would be capable of. Take a look here for more info We provide an estimated speed when an order is placed. What speeds were you estimated? What does your sync speed and attenuation show as?
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